Marco Virgona: Can you tell us how and where you and Bob met first time?
Diane: I first met Bob Marley at the Helshire Beach; he was at a mutual friend, Countryman (of the movie Countryman) then we met again at 56 Hope Road Where he had set up a rehersal room. 56 was then owned by Chris Blackwell

Marco: Some said that Bob was a sexist (like every rastaman). What is your opinion? You would work for him and you are a woman so you know the truth
Diane: Bob was definately not a sexist, he was a lover of women and had the greatest respect for us, this comes from having a strong mother who singlehandedly raised her son. Bob always (jokenly) said that he had many women because he was setting up a Womans Army. The fact that he had me as a woman running his company proves this. And I can tell you that he did get a lot of flack from some of his brethren who would ask him “Bob, how come you have a woman running your business”. One of the greatest things that Bob said that he admired about women was our loyalty.

Marco: Germany 1980-1981: You were one of the woman close to Bob during his stay at Issels Clinic. Can you recall for us a typical day with Bob in Germany? I know you did long walks in the mountain.
Diane: Germany was a very sad memory for me as I stood helplessly by and was unable to medically do anything to stop the progress of his cancer other than that it was a privilidge to be with him and to wotness firsthand his tremendous faith and love for Jah. He was a living man whose spirit can never die hence the reason why 20 + years since his passing by and he is still as popular as ever and is still loved by the babies as well as teens and elderly. His spirit trangresses people of all ages social and religious backgrounds. Bob days in Germany, when he was not at the clinic (he was at the clinic a lot of the time) would be spent walking, reading his bible, playing his guitar and writing music and songs. He was never bitter or resentful, on the contrary he was always grateful to Jah for giving him the opportunity to sing his songs of praises and to be his son. Bob had a great sense of humour and would sometimes delight in playing practical jokes on his friends and fellow musicians. He was a man with a mission to use his own words “Jah gave me a vision and said I could live it if I wanted”

Jah bless, Diane Jobson