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Interviewer: In your music, you talk a lot about sex, politic, religion and ganja. Do you come into very much strife, very much pressure from the government about your attitude towards herb?

Bob: Well, my attitude you see can't get no pressure. Is only the police if you really foolish.

Interviewer: Peter Tosh had a lot of trouble last year from the authorities in Jamaica because he was advocating ganja very publicly, he was physically hurt. He was beat up I understand and he was in a lot of trouble. Is that true?

Bob: Yeah it was true, he had a problem with them.

Interviewer: Was he hurt badly?

Bob: Yeah, them hurt him.

Interviewer 2: The thing is you've come under a fair amount of pressure too. You even managed to get yourself shot at at some stage.

Bob: Yeah, you find people wicked some places. Really wicked.

Interviewer: So you don't fear for your personal safety in any situation, say, in Jamaica?

Bob: My safety is secure y'know. You see, words good but you have to have action! Any man can come out and run up him mouth and blah, blah, boom, boom. But we want to see the works. That mean, you might find one who a big and who aggresive, because him don't go through the danger that I go through. The amount of thing that I go through I can take it cool, because me been through it. When you figure you taking it cool, you taking it cool through the fire. It's not outside the fire you're taking it cool, it's in a the fire. You can not give away your life on ego, then all you was was a bag of argument and then you die. You have to have some action, then that mean it can have some meaning.

Interviewer: You say that when you smoke ganja, your conscience comes in front of your eyes. The stories and publicity say that you smoke one ounce of ganja per day. Is that true?

Bob: One ounce?

Interviewer: One ounce. It's a lot. What's the truth?

Bob: Sometimes smoke a good amount of herb if we want, and sometimes we don't smoke.

Interviewer: It's not nescessary that you take everyday, because this is what we've been told?

Bob: If you don't have it you don't have it, beacuse it's not everytime you have the right one . The right one you can't smoke a ounce of that!

Interviewer: Do you have a herbsman that comes with you to try your herbs before you do? Is this another publicity lie?
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Bob: Try my herb? No man, no one try my herb.

Interviewer 2: Is smoking the herb an important part of your life, or is it just something you do for pleasure?

Bob: Smoking herb is freedom. If you want to be free, smoke herb.

Interviewer 2: How does it give you freedom?

Bob: Try it! (laughs)

Interviewer: Bob can we go back to politics? You're a very political man, so this is why I ask the question...

Bob: I would be glad if I was a political man.
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Interviewer: You don't think you are?

Bob: No.

Interviewer 2: Could you ever see yourself becoming a political leader?

Bob: I don't see myself as a politician. I see myself as defending the right of His Majesty. I am a soldier in His Majesty army.

Interviewer 2: How did you feel when Haile Selassie died?

Bob: How did I feel when Haile Selassie live!

Interviewer 2: Wasn't he killed?

Bob: No. God cannot die. It's God! I mean when we say is God, it don't really mean we take a man like God. If him was not God we wouldn't say that because we are wise people. It is not true what they're saying, we don't bow to nothing. Because the gift of God is life. Him have to be a true and living God. To me a true and living God is the truth.

Interviewer: Where is the place in the bible that urges people to smoke ganja for Rastafarianism?

Bob: In the bible, God create man ...in Genesis you can find it. Plenty other places in the bible.

Interviewer: Bob, do you have a prediction for yourself and for reggae music in closing?

Bob: Well, I predict that I should never have a prediction! (laughs) But the things is I can't really predict a thing. We are saying that this is the generation that seek God. What we are saying is that... if I would be a hypocrite, I'll predict this thing, beacuse this is what have to happen. All the people on the pace of the Earth will know who Rastafari is through music. And is reggae music.
Exodus... movement of Jah people... escape from Babylon... and arrival in the land promise...

One Love.
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