3 06, 2009

Rock & Folk Magazine – Bob Marley Paris 1978

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Rock & Folk: Don't you think the fact that you have spent a lot of time away from Jamaica has changed your music? Bob Marley: We are the ones who play it. It's not Jamaica that plays music for us (he bursts out laughing) RF: But you play for very different audiences, like the Paris one. Bob: Yes but all these people want the music from Jamaica. Even in Paris we can't change the music we play. Do you see what I mean? RF: What about the presence of Junior (Marvin, the Wailers' guitar player)? Didn't it stengthen the group? Bob: Yes, Junior strengthened the group, Junior is easy... RF: Do you mean as a man or as a musician? Bob: Both. He is cool. We understand each other. RF: Do you think the Wailers line-up won't change anymore? Bob: Maybe that it will stay the same, maybe that it will change... I think any change will be additional. RF: Horns? Bob: (He suddenly laughs and gets excited) yeah mon! that's it! RF: Would you like to have a horns rhythm section again, like in the days of ska? Bob: Yeah! Yeah mon! That would be great. Like in the [...]

2 10, 2006

Interview with Sammy Blue

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“I met Bob in Chicago about 1974 or 75. I moved to Chicago to work for Alligator Records and use to go out to the clubs every night. That year was the first year that Jamaican bands began performing in the US. Taj Mahal had told me about Bob Marley but he's not been here. I had a favorite night club on the north side of the city," The Quite Knight". The club owner was one of the very best, Mr. Richard Harding. I was standing outside the club, right in front of the entrance. The line for the show was all the way around the corner. I just knew the club would fill up and I wouldn't get in. Besides that, I had no money to pay my way in. The scene was really crazy with people excited about seeing Bob. As I stood there Mr. Harding notice that I was not being crazy or weird so he invited me in for free. As I entered the club I saw all kinds of people from all walks of life. Of course the Rasta's were there. Richard took me back to meet Bob. I was a young ( 21) guitar [...]

30 03, 2006

Interview with Mika of Entwine band

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This Finnish gothic metal supergroup Entwine have travelled a long way from their death metal-ish roots. Founded by Aksu Hanttu (drums), Tom Mikkola (guitar, also vocals at the time) and T.Taipale (bass) in 1995, it did not take long for them to get bored with the limitations the death metal genre imposed on their creativity. About two years later they had evolved into a far more melodic band, and were in need of a good singer, a keyboardist and a second guitarist to finally realize their more emotional musical visions. Shortly after P. Willman joined the band on vocals and on second guitar in Autumn 1997 when Entwine recorded their first demo, "Divine Infinity". The feedback was extremely positive, and word started spreading around of these new hopefuls that had now replaced death with goth. After Riitta Heikkonen took over the keyboard-duties in February of 1998 Entwine was finally ready for live appearances. In 1999 Spikefarm Records offered Entwine a recording deal, and in September the same year Entwine's debut album "The Treasures within Hearts" was released. Although the debut album gained good reviews and the band grew more and more successful with each gig they played, everything was not [...]

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