Rock & Folk Magazine – Bob Marley Paris 1978

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Rock & Folk: Don't you think the fact that you have spent a lot of time away from Jamaica has changed your music? Bob Marley: We are the ones who play it. It's not Jamaica that plays music for us (he bursts out laughing) RF: But you play for very different audiences, like the Paris one. Bob: Yes but all these people want the music from Jamaica. Even in Paris we can't change the music we play. Do you see what I mean? RF: What about the presence of Junior (Marvin, the Wailers' guitar player)? Didn't it stengthen the group? Bob: Yes, Junior strengthened the group, Junior is easy... RF: Do you mean as a man or as a musician? Bob: Both. He is cool. We understand each other. RF: Do you think the Wailers line-up won't change anymore? Bob: Maybe that it will stay the same, maybe that it will change... I think any change will be additional. RF: Horns? Bob: (He suddenly laughs and gets excited) yeah mon! that's it! RF: Would you like to have a horns rhythm section again, like in the days of ska? Bob: Yeah! Yeah mon! That would be great. Like in the [...]