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Does Spray Foam Insulation Save On Electric Bills?

Bitcoin, Financial, Idea, LightbulbApart from having a decent air conditioning unit and other insulation best practices such as double pane windows or barrier protection in the attic, what else can be done to save on electric bills?  Some would argue that applying spray foam insulation would help to greatly reduce the electric bill, while others say it doesn't do much to save on electricity costs.  According to Wayy TV, insulation does in fact help reduce the electric bill:

“The harder your HVAC has to work really the harder your whole house has to work to make you feel comfortable. It's going to drive your utility bill way up and again it's going to expend so much energy. You're going to use a ton of power to keep everything comfortable,” said Anne Wood who works at the company.

She explained to us for every degree you raise your thermostat after 72 degrees in your home you won't only save power you can also save up to 3 percent on your utility bill.

If your home doesn't feel like it's keeping the cool air in, then you might need to get behind your walls.

“Insulation is really important. We have examples here of two different kinds. The kind that you want that you can really get is the spray foam insulation. Once it is sprayed you don't have to worry about maintenance ever again. You can see with the fiberglass insulation which is what most people have it's going to compress over time. You're going to have to keep replenishing it no matter what,” Wood said.

So it seems that with fiberglass, at some future point in time, it would require a replenishment due to wear and tear vs a spray foam insulated barrier which is done once and forgotten with.  This is definitely something that is worth keeping in mind to help reduce not only reduce your electric bill, but also to help reduce maintenance costs of having to re-apply the fiberglass at some stage during the aging of the home.  This article was brought to you in courtesy of Iceberg Insulation.