Buying a Home in Longview Texas

Buying a Home in Longview Texas

real estate agent shaking handsIf you are thinking about buying a home in Texas and are interested in a variety of homes that have different price ranges, then look for a good real estate agent in Longview. This area is located about five miles south of Dallas, which means that there are plenty of different housing options in this city. When you are buying real estate in this area, there are plenty of homes that will fit your budget, whether you are looking for housing for yourself or for a family.

Longview has all of the comforts of home including easy access to the good parts of town, shopping and sporting stores. The best part about living in this area is that there is a direct connection to the downtown area by the famed Martin Creek Park. You can take a leisurely stroll through this park with its many jogging tracks, nature trails, picnic areas and more. The west branch of the Houston-George Houston railroad also stops right outside of this park, so you can take a ride.

The community of East Texas is nearby along the south side of the Martin Creek Lake. The area is known for being especially close to downtown Longview, which makes it easy to get to work and convenient to the facilities that are near this destination like the Texas Medical Center, Dellacaste Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and the Texas Arboretum. The closest highway exit to the east coast is I-35E, which goes through Leakey, Texas, about 45 minutes north of downtown Longview. The college campuses and the regional airport are approximately ten miles to the north. For convenience to the rest of the East Texas region, Longview's closest public transportation is the Lufkin-LSD line, which goes to College Station, another 15 miles to the west.

For those interested in a destination spot for the symphony, the cities of Austin, Houston and Dallas feature plenty of opportunities. Austin features the Sixth Floor Theatre, which has two venues including a newly renovated AT&Telly Theatre where live performances occur and the centrally located AT&T Theatre where theatre shows and concerts are shown. Downtown is home to the performing arts centre called the Acoustic Cafe, which features concerts, tours, and family events. The latest addition to the list of entertainment options in downtown is the performing arts centre called the Metroplex theatres, which features the largest roof top projector screen in the east Texas region.

Longview's neighboring communities include Conroe, Copperfield, Fort Worth, Frisco and Jersey Village. The town's proximity to the Texas Medical Center and the regional airport make it an ideal place for a destination location for a symphony orchestra. Jersey Village is home to the world-renowned symphony orchestra, which regularly visits the area.

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