Bronze Bearings, Bronze Bar and Bronze Bushings Forecasts

Product Spotlight: Cast Bronze Bearings​

A lot of the technology we use today is relatively recent, popping up for the first time around the Industrial Revolution and then undergoing refinement and innovation until ending up where it is today. Cast bronze bearings, however, have been used in some form or another for hundreds of years.

Bronze bearings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including sleeve bearings, split bearings, flanged bearings, thrust washers, and wear plates. Custom oil grooves, threading, and drill holes are available on certain bronze bearings, as well.
The bottom line is that these are an essential part of many machines, and we just so happen to provide some truly excellent bronze bearings here at Diversified Bronze.

​Choosing Cast Bronze BearingsKnowing which cast bronze bearings to choose depends on the service conditions, the required material properties, and the type of bronze. While not all of these conditions can be known before buying these materials, an accurate prediction will be essential in purchasing the right bronze bearings.

Bronze Bar : Solid and Cored, Plate Bar Stocks​

Custom Bronze & Brass Parts Experts​

Diversified Bronze carries the most popular bronze bar stock. The following continuous cast bronze bar, tube and plate products are available and always in stock at our location. We ship these products from our headquarters in Braham, MN as well as from our warehouse locations throughout the United States so no matter where you are in the country, you’re never far from Diversified Bronze.


When it comes to the manufacturing of standard and custom bronze parts, we really shine. Our team of industry-leading experts combine their talent and skill to create bronze and brass parts that are anything but ordinary. Call on our machine shop for:

  • Bronze bearings
  • Bronze bushings
  • Bronze flange
  • Bronze bar
  • Bronze plate
  • Bronze washers
  • Powdered metal bar
  • Powdered metal parts
  • Brass bearings